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Through cognitive behavioral psychology and its evidence-based procedures that are useful for all kinds of personal problems or psychological disorders. Are you interested?

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Control your anxiety and/or your depression in about 4 months

Both depression and anxiety can be extremely disabling and painful. If you want to learn how to control (and even eliminate) your symptoms then request the cognitive behavioral psychology service that I offer so that within approximately 4 months your current state will be just an anecdote overcome.

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About the project
“Overcoming the abyss”


Overcoming the abyss is a project that was initially focused on treating depression and its related disorders in a scientific way based on cognitive behavioral psychology and evidence-based therapies.

The focus of the project evolved, for this reason is that at this time it is not only about depression but also about phobias and social anxiety For this reason it is that at this time it is not only about depression but also about phobias, generalized anxiety and social anxiety since in my clinical praxis I have recognized these disorders as the most common within the population that I help. Population that has improved thanks to cognitive behavioral psychology that has proven to be the most effective way to work not only with these specific disorders but also eating disorders, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorders, among many others.

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