Both depression and anxiety can be extremely disabling and painful. If you want to learn to control (and even eliminate) your symptoms, request the cognitive behavioral psychology service that I offer, so that within approximately 4 months your current state will be just an anecdote overcome. It is a useful, fast, stable service in which you will feel very comfortable (our perfect score in google proves it).

Treatment design

From the beginning you will know which exercises and techniques will be used, including their purpose and how to carry them out.

Usually i use cognitive restructuring (modification of irrational thoughts for more functional ones) and behavioral activation (increase of behaviors that generate well-being) for depression; while for anxiety the approach is usually based on exposure (both sensations and situations) and techniques to learn to control discomfort.

This is in general terms; however, for each person I make a different design, focused on their specific needs and desires.

Cognitive behavioral training

For me, as a cognitive behavioral psychologist, it is important that people learn how to manage their life situations. That is why, in the process with you, my position will be both as a therapist and as a tutor.

For this, there will be a focus on two characteristics: psychoeducation (that you know how it works) and practical training (that you know how to use it in a real way in daily life). Since these two tasks carried out properly help to avoid relapse in cases of anxiety and depression.

All the methods, techniques and treatments I use are based on evidence. That is, they have proven their usefulness both in research and in practice.

Treatment review

With the intention of staying in touch and polishing, and perfecting, each of the techniques that you will learn within the treatment will give you two virtual sessions at 30 and 60 days after having concluded.

During these monthly periods, it is intended that you perform, constantly, all the activities and exercises that have proven to be useful for you.

In addition, you should not worry if you forget that information since I will share a private document with you (which also has support links) in which everything will be organized step by step.

Our Payment plans

We offer different plans so you can access our services

Pay per session

USD 42
5 Per session
  • Savings: 0%
  • Benefit: Cognitive Behavioral Training
  • First session price: 29,9 USD
  • Subsequent sessions price: 39,9 USD
  • Payment for 4 sessions: 159.6 USD

Monthly payment

USD 129
6 Monthly
  • Savings: 40 USD per month
  • Benefit: Treatment Design
  • Benefit: Cognitive Behavioral Training
  • Price subsequent sessions: 29.9 USD
  • Payment for 4 sessions: 119.6 USD
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